Welcome to Freedom Church!

Our Mission

We believe that God has uniquely gifted Freedom Church to revive the lives of His people. We are committed to restoring people’s lives by walking them up out of their situation to a better position than before.

Our Vision

Freedom Church has the vision to be a place where all people regardless of their past, present or future can find hope, acceptance, and love. We believe that love is the key that opens the door to freedom.

Our Strategy

Freedom Church has been structured around three core values, which help to guide and unify our commitment to our vision and mission. Everything we do at Freedom begins with our most important value, “ It’s all about Jesus!”

We know this may sound different than most churches, and we’re ok with that; we know who God has called us to be and who we are trying to reach. We pray every day that God’s kingdom will be done in us and through us. If you have any questions about our mission, vision, or core value, please email us at visitfreedomchurch@gmail.com.