Here at Freedom Church, our mission is to revive,
and our vision is to love people through Jesus.
What does that look like and how will we carry that out, keep reading to find out.

We believe that God has uniquely gifted Freedom Church to revive the lives of His people. We are committed to restoring people’s lives by walking them up out of their situation to a better position than before.


 Freedom Church has the vision to be a place where all people regardless of their past, present or future can find hope, acceptance, and love. We believe that love is the key that opens the door to freedom.

Freedom Church is structured around three core values, which help to guide and unify our commitment to our vision and mission. Everything we do at Freedom begins with our most important value, “ It’s all about Jesus!”

Our Core Values

We want to be Real, Refreshing and Relevant to the people in and around our community.

  • It’s about taking off the mask.                       (Genuine)
  • It’s about going the extra mile. (Love)
  • It’s about new chapters not end of  stories. (Grace)
  • It’s about standing out not fitting in.             (Authentic)
  • It’s about taking the first step when  you can’t see the next. (Faith)
  • It’s about open books, not hidden  agendas. (Integrity)
  • It’s about we, not me. (Unity)
  • It’s about adding value to each other.           (Honor)
  • It’s about thinking out of the box.                 (Creativity)
  • It’s about doing more by doing less.             (Focused Excellence)
  • It’s about building a church that  makes sense. (Culture)
  • It’s about the whole, not the piece.               (Family)
  • It’s about insulation not isolation.                 (Community)
  • It’s about multiplying not maintaining.         (Growth)
  • It’s about contributing not      consuming. (Giving)
We know this may sound different than most churches and we’re ok with that, we know who God has called us to be and who we are trying to reach. We pray everyday that God’s kingdom will be done in us and through us. If you have any questions about our mission, vision or core value please feel free to email us at